How to Choose The Best Seating Plan When You have Many Options?

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Whenever there are too many options in our hand, it can get very confusing. You do not know which one you should pick when all the options look good to you. A lot of people use Wheel Decide to make choices. But how can you decide on the right seating plan? In order to make an event successful, it is important to decide on a proper seating plan.

Here are a few seating styles along with their negative and positive points which can help you to choose the right one:

Theatre Style Seating

One of the easiest yet classic seating arrangements is Theatre style seating. It is usually feasible for large gatherings. In this style, all the seats need to face the speaker. There can be space between the rows so that people can move around freely. It is named‘Theatre Style’ since the seating arrangement resembles that of a theatre.

This is a good seating arrangement as the speaker gets the complete attention of his/her audience. However, there is little scope for audience interaction as the seats face towards the speaker. This makes it unsuitable options in certain events.

Banquet Style

The second type of seating arrangement is that of Banquet style. It is when the participants face each other while sitting at a common table. It gives the participants a lot of chance to interact with each other. It also allows you to utilise the venue provided for that event completely.

However, there is a certain drawback which might result in you to using the wheel decides. There is a chance that cliques can be formed, which might affect the overall interaction of the audience. Moreover, since the audience is pushed in together, there can be a difficulty when it comes to moving around the room.

U Shape or Horseshoe

It is another popular type of seating arrangement that is used for large meetings. You can often see this type of seating in conference meeting rooms. It is a great option as it gives you space for presentations.

Moreover, the present gets the space to interact with the audience as well. A lot of floor space is wasted in such kind of a seating arrangement. This might be a huge setback, and you might decide to use the wheel decide due to the confusion.

Chevron Style

It is similar to the seating arrangement in classrooms. However, the line of vision is better for the audience in this type of seating. If you are confused, you can either decide to spin the wheel decide or give this seating arrangement a chance. It is a V-shaped seating arrangement which allows interaction between speaker and audience. It is suitable for not only small but large gatherings as well. However, since participants do not face each other, they might find it difficult to interact with each other.

Now that you are well aware of different seating arrangements, what are you waiting for? Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a couple of more arrangements. In case you get stuck, you can always spin the wheel decide accordingly.

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