Various Styles/Designs of Prize Wheel

1. Economic White Quality or white Dry Erase:

If you are looking for a prize wheel for business trade shows, annual meetings, or for your children’s birthdays, then the Economic white standard or white dry erase will be the best option for you. It has 12 white sections that are digitally printed and sealed with dry erase laminate. It is a customizable Yes or No Wheel. You can wipe this with a dry cloth and reuse this on countless occasions. The dual bearing hub adds a smooth spinning motion in it.

2. Custom Prize Wheels or Custom Perpetual Graphic Prize Wheels:

This type of prize wheel comes with a custom design. These are digitally printed. These are the best option for a promotional Wheel Decide for a company. It comes with a high-end graphics facility. You can design or print anything in this. Here you can print numbers, text, and images with other designs. To erase the sections, you can use dry-erase markers. If you are looking for a branded prize wheel that can provide a professional appearance, choose this one!

3. Custom Removable Magnetic Prize Wheels:

This type of prize wheel allows you to grab the attention of your visitors in a big crowd. Here you can print your graphics under the magnetic section. By this, you can promote your company name and logo. While you use Random Name Picker, it looks attractive because of its colorful sections, and the logo will also stay in the middle. By using this, you can grab anyone’s attention.

4. Insert Your Own Graphics Prize Wheel:

If you want to insert your graphics on the prize wheel, you can go for any of the above-discussed designs. There are various collections of wheels in the market in which you can insert your graphics with blinking LED lights. These are durable and also lightweight. It also comes with the dry erase vinyl backgrounds.

5. Unique Designs of Prize Wheels:

If you are looking for some unique prize wheel, you can choose that from any online store by choosing from various collections. You can set this for your kid’s birthday parties and in your family get together parties.


By reading the above contents now, you have an idea about this. You can use this in various events like party game prizes for adults and birthdays or promotional events. This is the best thing to grab someone’s attention in a big crowd.