Random Name Picker Explained

A Random Name Picker is used to obtain a random name from a long list. This amazing tool is designed in such a way to give accurate results regardless of the number of names present on the list. With this tool, you can easily draw a random winner from a list of names. You can insert names to the available text area, and it will display a random winner for you. Moreover, this tool eliminates previous winner name in the next round to avoid duplication. You can use this tool when selecting a team, at the time of prize distribution, or for a raffle, etc.

How can You Choose a Random Name?

With random name picker tools, you can select a random winner from a long list of name by following steps:

  • Enter your name list in the text area available, with each name split by a comma or a new line.
  • Another option is adding a name list in the form of a text file.
  • Select an option to eliminate names from the available list upon completion of a draw. It is helpful while picking multiple names.
  • Check whether the split name by space feature is enabled or not.
  • Check whether the filter out duplicate name is enabled or not.
  • Click on the ‘Start’ button to start the draw and select a random name.
  • Using the ‘Pick another name’ button, you can select multiple names that get displayed after a draw.
  • Upon completing a draw, save results and share it by creating an URL or using ‘Share/Copy’ button.
Random Name Picker In Short

It is an online tool that helps choose a random name or winner from a long list of multiple times.

A Brief About Name Picker Wheel

The name picker wheel is a spinning wheel decide, where you can add names and spin the wheel to get a random name/winner from a long list.

What’s The Purpose of Random Drawing Generator?

Random drawing generator consists of two different tools with varied purposes because the term ‘Drawing’ explains two different meanings. Either it can mean selecting a random winner/name, or it can also represent a diagram/picture. For the time being, the first option is available to users, which they can use for winner selection; however, the second option is yet to be released.

Random Name Picker that has a Removal Option

This option is for those users who want to remove names from the given list during second draw. With the help of ‘Remove name from list of names after draw’ option, you can easily discard names after a draw. In the second draw, the tool will display results/winners eliminating previous winner.

Random Name Generator Differs from Name Picker

A random name picker is completely different from a random name generator. A random name picker is used to choose names from a long list of names, whereas a random name generator generates random name by itself. You need to check the Prize Wheel to get a better understanding of it. You can look for a random name generator tool and get the information.

Name Picker Tool is Used For

The name picker tool is primarily used to select names/winners from a draw. Unlike the spinning wheel and Yes or No Wheel, where you can insert a maximum number of names, the name picker tool allows you to enter unlimited names with faster results. You can use this tool for any type of draw or raffle based on your needs. Moreover, it comes with two amazing options where you can remove names to choose multiple winners, and the filtering option to avoid name duplication. This effective tool comes with an array of benefits that can make your decision-making process easier.

Learn How to Save & Share Name Picker Results

You can find a feature available with the tool to save your draw results and develop a ‘Certificate’ for the same. When you perform a draw or raffle, you can see social share and copy buttons available at the end of the results upon completion. You can take the help of those buttons to create a unique URL consisting of results from your draw that you can simply copy and send it to others over social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Anyone opening that URL can see winner name with a list of names participated in the draw. These draw results are saved for a limited time for the giveaway picker.

What to Generate a Random Number/Letter?

The name picker tool allows users to generate a random number or letter. For that, you have to insert numbers and letters based on your interests in the available text area and then click on the ‘Start’ button to get the required results.

Allow Random Picking of Contest Winners

Name picker tools allows users to pick random name/winner for different games, contests, and other situations. Users need to add names of participants for the contest along with contest rules. Insert all names to the picker tool and start your draw; once done, get in touch with the winner by sharing results over social media.

Random Name Selector Usage

It consists of a simple process that users can easily perform:

  • Insert/Copy/Paste the list of names within text area and split them with a comma or a newline. You can use ‘Split names by space’ option to separate names by space.
  • Pick the number of names/winners you want to randomly choose, ranging from 100 to 1000.
  • Use ‘Select the number of names/winners’ option if you want to choose multiple winners.
  • With ‘filter out duplicate names’ option, you can eliminate name duplication, if needed.
  • You can select available options in the tool if you want to remove a name from the given list after a draw. This option is great when picking multiple names.
  • Click the ‘Pick random names’ button to begin with the draw/raffle.
  • The results are displayed with winner along with name list, date, and time that you can share through social media channels.
  • Running multiple draws will display previous draw results that help in removing previous winner name through ‘Cross’ button.
Placing Winners to 1st, 2nd, 3rd Order

Users need to choose three random names from the draw and place them in 1st, 2nd, 3rd order. It is a great option when selecting winners for prizes of different competitions. The first place is dedicated to the winner; the second place is for the runners up, and lastly, the third place.

Use it for Fun Random Pickers

If you want to give a name to your puppy or looking for a magic ball, etc., you can use fun random pickers to show a single result from a list of names every time.

Q- How many names can the random name picker support?

You can insert unlimited names in the online tool.

Q- Does the random name picker shows random results?

Yes, with this tool, you will get random results.

Q- Can random picker run on a mobile app?

Yes. You can install it as a mobile app.

Q- Can I use random picker tool while offline?

Yes. It does come with an offline version that you can use.

Q- Does Name picker show fair results?

Yes. You will get fair results every time you draw.

Q- Is draw results stored on the Name picker tool?

It only stores results that you save after a draw by using store results button.

Q- Does Name picker allow multiple names/winners?

Yes. You can select multiple name/winners by using the ‘pick another name’ button.

Q- Can I eliminate duplicate names in this tool?

Yes. There is a ‘filter out duplicate names’ button available that will help you.

Q- Does it support text file for uploading names?

Yes, you can find this added feature, where you can upload names through a text file.

Q- Can Name picker tool save my list of names?

Unfortunately, this option is not available yet.