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Wheel Decide

How much do you love to play with your fidget spinner? What if you get the digital version of a life-size spinner to help you out with your problems? To be more exact, lucky winners sometimes get to spin a giant wheel to win any gift items. It is the same way you let the Wheel Decide what’s best for a situation. This tool will bring you no confusion but only satisfaction.

The main motive of the wheel tool

The main motive of the application is to help people in situations where they have to choose among various options. It allows the user to add inputs in the empty wheels as per your requirement. Users can also edit the details whenever they want, and they will get the answers. It’s like spin and wins.

Modes of the wheel tool

There are three different modes or types in the spinning mechanism. Choose which method you want, sit back, and let the wheel decide the winning solution for you. Here are the modes are given below:

Cancellation mode

The cancellation mode is where the wheel picks a random answer and displays it, but on the next round, it eliminates that answer and shows a different one. It is a useful tool for teachers, and they will never repeat any student’s name.

Basic mode

This spinning wheel app’s mode picks random answers from the list when the user clicks on the one option. It is the basic model and does not have any impact based on the result.

Collection mode

The collection mode is the one where all the selected products get into the next spin automatically. If you want to go out for lunch but cannot decide the restaurant, swirl and let the wheel decide it.

How to use the app

Use plus symbol for inserting data, or you can use listing tool

When the list is visible, you can edit if you want

Spin the wheel using the spin button

Once you get the answer, you can move forward and select a mode relating to the selected option

You can save the list using the save list option.

The process of installing the application in devices

Installing in android: Look for the website with a browser. Then go to the settings and click on add to the home screen for instant installation.

Installing in IOS: To install the app in your IOS, open the website from the browser first. Then go to the share option and click on add to the home screen. That’s all, and now you can spin the wheel.

Installing in PC: Again, open the website using Chrome, then go to settings. After that, click on the more tools option and create shortcuts. Installing done, now let the wheel decide the best choice.


It is easy to install on all devices. The interface of the application is straight and straightforward, which makes it comfortable for everyone to use it. Also, sharing it with your friends has so hassle-free. You can relax and let the wheel decide the movie you should watch today.

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