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The yes or no wheel is a spontaneous decision-generating wheel. It is designed in such a way that it picks out the decision randomly. This tool comes handy when confused in making the decision, and you feel both the answers are okay. In such a case, you can go for Yes or No Wheel which will pick out a yes or a no randomly.

Occasions to use a yes or no wheel

There are situations when it becomes challenging to pick an option available. Here are some of the conditions which create dilemmas-

Should I ask her out for a date?

Do I need to start a diet and fitness routine?

Should I cut my beard?

Everyone faces these kinds of situations, one way or another, and it becomes frustrating if the conflict inside the mind goes too long. If someone else decides for you than the situation eases out, therefore, yes or no wheel rescues and decides the random decision which is quick and very helpful.

It can be used in multiple places like gaming activities where you want to depend on luck and still confused about the option then the spin wheel is your way to go.

How to use the tool?

It is straightforward to use as it just a simple tap on the spin button, and a dialogue box will appear with the decision. It is swift in giving decisions. There are predefined modes for the spin wheel so choose one. The modes are yes or no mode and yes, no or maybe mode. Customization is also available where you can feed the number of spins, and the accumulated result will pop up on the dialogue box. Colour customizations, speed of the wheel and sound effects all the options are available which user can change according to their liking and multiple tool setting are given to better experience.

Features of the wheel

It supports multiple devices’ operating system; thus, it has no compatibility issues.

It supports the desktop interface; therefore, installation on the pcs is quite simple.

The data entered allows you to save in the cache memory, so saves time as need not to enter the same inputs every time accessing the wheel.

The tool offers the direct button to share the app and also the results received after spinning the wheel.


The tool is open for customers’ feedback for further improvement. Based upon your likings, you can share the app with your friends and family with just one click as it gives the direct sharing option. It is a great tool which saves your time and effort in deciding while standing on the line of critical dilemma. It is a fun task to spin the wheel in computer systems or mobile phones. It is an excellent deciding wheel which saves effort and increases productivity. The regular updates are provided for the application, which makes it functional and often handy as it works in almost every smartphone.


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