How do I Get My Bonus from The Spin Wheel Decide Contest?

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When there are multiple people from whom you have to choose to decide a winner, one of the best ways is to use a spin wheel. In this, you have to add names to the wheels and spin the wheel, when this does, a random winner is generated, and this tool is a speedy option. It is the Prize Wheel for the winner.

What is a Spin Wheel?

It is one of the unique tools commonly used everywhere in organizations, schools, and offices to decide a winner. It is effortless to use the device on the internet. First, you have to enter all the people’s names into the wheel; after joining them onto the wheel, you have to spin it and surprise! You have a winner generated at random.

ItIt is a prize wheel available online to generate winners at random, and a very easy and quick tool that anyone can use. It allows you to add names and remove them accordingly. The spin wheel can be customized to change sounds, color, and confetti accordingly. So you can decide and customize as per your liking.

Different Modes of The Wheel

For making the right choices, you have an option to choose from three different modes. They are

1. Basic Model – In this mode, one can add names from a list of people, and the prize wheel picks one from the list at random.

2. Cancellation Mode – In this mode, the spin wheel picks a specific name from the group. The same wheel can be used in the next round as well but without the first winner’s name. The wheel cancels out the winner picked in the earlier game. This is a beautiful tool that teachers can use to select students to answer questions turn by turn.

3. Collection Mode – In this mode, the spin wheel picks one name from the wheel, and this is accumulated and transferred to the next spin. Turn by turn. You can pick winners for the next round and then finally decide upon one winner.

This spin wheel can be used on desktops, PCs, smartphones, or install the app on your smartphone. This tool will be very beneficial for the teachers and students or in big organizations during any event. This app is available on the Playstore on both android and iOS devices.

Where can This Free Tool be Used?

This tool can be used to make quick decisions from a list of people. Regardless of any situation, decisions can be taken fast. You can use such devices in games. In games like truth or dare or any other such games, this tool will be helpful. In quiz games, you can generate a random name where it picks someone to answer. In business activities, events, conferences where you have to select winners from a lucky draw or any other game, this is the go-to option.


Prize wheel tool is a handy tool to make quick decisions. Please make use of it by downloading the app on the playstore, or you can use this tool directly on the website as well.

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